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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States


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Job Overview

Watch It Work is an innovative job advertising platform that allows companies to visually “show their next job”. By creating customized videos highlighting job opportunities, employer brands, and the overall employee value proposition, Watch It Work delivers information to job seekers in a modern way that is uniquely engaging on any platform or device.

This modern video job-board creates an engaging candidate experience which is critical to top talent. Use this platform to promote your organization's:

- Hard-to-fill roles;
- Mission critical positions;
- Strategy to attracting passive and diverse talent;
- Volume recruitment;
- Internship or college graduate recruitment;
- Employee referral programs.

Visit watchitwork.com to see your next job!


Key Responsibilities

Willingness to try modern recruitment techniques to compliment your existing approach.


Minimum Requirements

Just a job description and answer a few questions will do. Watch the video to learn the 3 easy steps!


Ideal Candidate

Any organization that needs help hiring top talent. We can help you!


Additional Highlights

Watch It Work is a Pittsburgh tech start-up aiming to change the way organizations hire.